Beginning in the mid to late 1990's, George Farquharson, a Canadian Target Rifle competitor, lobbied the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association to allow competitors to use a bipod and a scope in addition to slings and iron sights to compete.  The inclusion of a bipod and scope in competition became the F-Class target rifle category. Within a few years, F-Class was officially adopted in the U.S. and worldwide as an internationally recognized shooting sport.


Farquharson Target Rifle Class (FTR)



With the use of a scope, most of our team events are fired at targets 1000 yards away. The inner most scoring ring (the X ring) on our target is five inches in diameter. The 10 ring is ten inches in diameter and the 9 ring is twenty inches in diameter.



Rifles must be fired from the prone position using either a bipod or a sling. The bipods are designed for competition and offer greater front support stability than a typical tactical type bipod.



All of the rifles used in the Farquharson Target Rifle class are chambered in either the .308 Winchester or .223 Remington calibers.


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