International Distinguished Badge Standings

The first badges have been awarded in ceremonies at Camp Perry and at Lodi this year. Everyone who has earned a badge will receive one from the NRA as soon as they are properly numbered.

Everyone who has earned a badge or has earned points towards a badge is listed in the charts below.

Special thanks is due to Walt Walter and Dennis Flaharty for their work behind the scenes, to make this award possible.

To date, 36 competitors have won the IDB for F-Class and 67 competitors for Target rifle.

In order to get the program started, we began accumulating points at the turn of the new millennium. There are many deserving competitors who have represented the USA in International Competition prior to that. Someday, we hope to be able to include them as well.

The International Distinguished Badge is awarded to those competitors who have medaled at the World Championships, America Match and Australia Match.

To all who have earned your Badge, Congratulations! To everyone working on it, good luck!

(Ray Gross is currently the official record keeper for the IDB)