Ray Gross



Ray's shooting career began quite early in life hunting with his Dad.  By 12 years old, a hand-me-down .22 rifle was a constant companion.  He began competing in NRA matches in 1991, as a Service Rifle shooter and earned a place on the Michigan Rifle team in 1993 and 1994.  He earned his Distinguished Rifleman’s Badge in 1995 and began competing in the Palma class that year.

Ray has represented the USA as a Shooter or Coach on two Palma teams, two Australia Match Teams and eight America Match teams.  He has been the winning coach on numerous events in Canada and the U.S. over the last decade.  His international accomplishments include a Silver medal as a shooter on the 2003 U.S. Palma Team, a Silver medal as coach on the 2015 U.S. Palma Team, two Gold medals as a coach on the 2008 and 2014 U.S. America Match Team. The 2014 team set a new record for team aggregate score. He was Captain of the 2016 Gold medal America Match F-Class Team.

In Farquharson Class, he was the FTR individual Silver medalist at the first F-Class Nationals in 2004 and has coached the FTR National Championship Team squad in 2004, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2016, the latter five as part of Team Sinclair. 


Paul Phillips


Paul Phillips is the Adjutant of the US Rifle Team. He served in the United States Marine Corp as an Infantryman and earned his Combat Action Ribbon. After the service, Paul earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University while also winning the 1996 NRA Long Range Collegiate Championship. Later, he graduated top of his class in FBI sniper school. Since then, he has won Gold Medals as a shooting member of both the 2009 and 2013 World Championship teams, four America Match teams and Ten National Championship teams. Paul has set, tied or broken over 45 NRA National Shooting Records and earned his International Distinguished Shooting Badge #19 in 2016. Paul started shooting ELR in 2016, and won the King of 2 mile as the wind coach. His contagious interest, and success, in pushing the boundaries in ELR has helped generate growing interest in the sport!

Al Barnhart



Al spent 4 years in the Navy in the late-70s as an Aircraft Engine Mechanic and worked on F14 Tomcats at Pacific Missile Test Center in Oxnard, California. This is where he became interested in shooting. Al spent his early shooting career in handgun silhouette winning a Michigan championship in 1985 in standing class.  He started shooting F-class in 2006. Al is an F-class midrange and long range High Master.  

He began shooting team events with the Michigan F-TR team in 2013.  With the Michigan team, he has won numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze medals including, a Bronze medal at the 2013 F Class World Championships in the Rutland Cup.  Al’s highest individual award was the overall F-TR win at the 2015 Sinclair East Coast Full Bore Nationals. He achieved his highest shooting accomplishment by being named to the US F-TR team.

Al likes all sports but is an avid fan of MOTO GP and Football. 

He is a 30-year veteran of the printing industry, and now works his dream job as a Lab Technician at Applied Ballistics LLC. 

Doug Boyer



Doug began shooting F-TR Mid-Range in 2012 at local Northern Michigan ranges and he achieved High Master Mid-Range that same year. In 2013 the Michigan F-TR team was formed and Doug became a team member. He has medaled at the 2013 Worlds, 2013 and 2014 Berger SW Nationals, 2014 Nationals and the 2015 Sinclair East Coast Full-bore Nationals. In 2014 at the F Class Nationals Doug shot a 200-9 to win that match and set a Senior National Record.

Doug has worked in the Marine Business in Northern Michigan since 1975. He was owner- operator of DeWitt Marine on Torch Lake until 2009 when he sold his company. He continues today with a Michigan marine operation with facilities in both Charlevoix and Harbor Springs. Doug has always been a dedicated sportsman achieving high ranking in hydroplane and tunnel boats throughout the country, winning five National Championships, one World Championship and still holds the World Kilo straightaway record in SST 45.

Doug and his wife Kathy have lived in Northern Michigan since 1975. They have three married children and four grandchildren.

Robby Burton



Robby Burton lives in Martinsville, VA with his wife Holly and three children Mallory, Ava, and Gray. He serves as President of Burch-­Hodges­-Stone, Inc., a family owned insurance brokerage business, located across southside and southwest Virginia. He began shooting competitively in 2012, after growing up playing golf competitively, soccer for a local men’s club, and participating in triathlon and running events throughout the region. Robby has developed a successful resume of local and regional matches, and has finished in the top ten in all but one national level event in the last 2 years. He has also held several NRA records for individual and team performances. Outside of shooting Robby has a real passion for serving the community in which he lives, and spending time with his family.

Lane Buxton



Lane and his wife Donna reside in Orangevale, California, located 90 minutes east of San Francisco Bay and 90 minutes west of Lake Tahoe.  There are four major rivers within 50 miles of home, which provide a variety of seasonal fishing opportunities.  Depending upon the time of year, one will find Lane in the Sacramento Delta pursuing striped bass and sturgeon or on the Feather River or the Sacramento River targeting salmon and steelhead in his jetboat.

Just to the north of home are a number of natural marshes and over half-a-million acres of flooded rice fields.  This area comprises the southern end of the Pacific Flyway for millions of migratory ducks and geese.  During the winter months, one is likely to find Lane sitting in a duck blind scanning the skies for moving targets.

In the free time between days spent either hunting or fishing comes time for target shooting.  The mild California weather offers opportunities to compete almost 52 weeks a year.  It’s simply a matter of picking out a rifle, loading up some ammo, and heading out with friends.

David Conrath



My passion for accuracy and precision began early in life shooting long range archery and bow fishing.  I transitioned to F-class shooting in 2007, shooting mostly four-man team events as we set three team national records. I serve the shooting community as a board of directors member for MCB Quantico shooting club over the past several years.

Shooting achievements have included; 2016 Gold Medalist match two four-man team F-Class National Championship, 2016 Canadian F-Class National Championship four-man team Lum Trophy. Gold Medalist 2015 US FTR Emerald Isle four-man and Creedmore cup eight-man team matches; as well as individual Gold Medalist. 2015-16 Virginia State individual and four-man Team State Champions; 2013 Runner up team Rutland Trophy  4-man Team World Championships Raton New Mexico.

We have two firms serving as consultants and trainers to the USMC Shooting Teams Weapons Training Battalion at MCB Quantico Virginia. Our core competency is circadian rhythm scheduling, sleep architecture, wellness and Marksmanship. Three years of hard work and training has resulted in the highest performance in 30 years by the USMC Shooting Team sweeping many National and inter-service events.

I am a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a Master’s degree in Industrial Design where I met my incredibly Patient wife of 26 years Deena Stone.

John Droelle



John was born in Detroit, MI in 1964 and now resides in Midland, MI.  He is currently serving as a Lieutenant with the City of Midland Fire Department and has over 33 years of experience in the Fire / Rescue community.  

John has been a competitive shooter for many years. Starting out in Service Rifle during the early 1990s and switching to mid / long range Match Rifle a few years later.  In 2004 he was introduced to F-Class and was a shooting member of the FTR National Championship Team in 2004, 2005 and 2008.  He also placed 5th individual FTR in 2005.

As a long term member of the Midland County Sportsman’s Club, John has served many years on the board of directors and has been instrumental in the planning, construction and maintenance of the club’s 600 yard High Power Rifle Range.

Mitchell Fitzpatrick



Mitchell is a junior shooter from Beaverton, Michigan. He started shooting F-Class in 2013 at the age of 16. He has just graduated from high school, Class of 2015, and will be attending Michigan Technological University perusing a degree in Mechanical Engineering with an Emphasis in Aeronautics. His parents are Mark and Mary Fitzpatrick, he also has a brother, Mason. In his spare time, Mitchell enjoys building his own custom rifles in the family machine shop and practicing his long range marksmanship skills. He is currently interning at Applied Ballistics LLC.

Throughout the 2013 season he honed and developed his marksmanship skills along with the Michigan FTR Team. Mitchell was the 2013 Junior World Champion, then, in 2014 he was the Junior National Champion. Mitchell is classified as an Expert for F-Class Long Range and High Master for F-Class Midrange.

Morgen Fulmer



Morgen began shooting bench rest with her dad when she was 9 at the local gun club.  From there she transitioned to air rifle for a few years before picking up a .308, when she was 15, to join her dad on a once in a lifetime trip to South Africa.  Morgen is currently in college, working toward a degree in biology with a focus on nutrition.  In her free time, she loves to go biking, hiking, and participate in crossfit. 

Morgen is a member of the Virginia F-Class team and has medaled in both international and national competitions for long range.  In 2016, she earned high junior in F-T/R at the Berger Southwest Nationals. Later that same year she was a shooting member on the gold medal winning US F-Class team at Eastern Regional’s in Canada. She was also a supporting member on the gold medal winning US F-T/R team in the Lum Match at Canadian F-Class Nationals in August.

Scott Fulmer



Scott started shooting 15 years ago after a friend introduced him to long range shooting. Starting out shooting Palma style, he competed for many years both shooting and coaching, with numerous team match wins in Canada. Scott has competed on 3 continents, in a total of 4 countries. Recently moving over to shoot and coach F-Class, he has been able to bring this experience to help the team. Scott works for Carrier Transicold, and has a business specializing in wood flooring install/refinish. When not at a match, or at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife of 24 years and their 2 golden retrievers.

Jim Grissom



Jim is married to Lynnetta and has 2 daughters (Holly and Hannah) and 2 sons (Nathan and Taylor). Jim is retired as a Toolmaker and has volunteered as a Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 228 of Rockford, MI. He has also volunteered as the Youth Program Director of the Muskegon Pistol and Rifle Club and is a member of the Michigan Rifle and Pistol Association, Women’s, Junior’s, and Club’s committee.

Shooting History:

Jim began competitive shooting in high school on the High School Rifle Team, shooting 50 foot indoor small bore. During Jim’s Junior and Senior year of High School, he was the Top Competitor of the 4 High Schools in the Grand Rapids area and was the Captain of his rifle team.   In 1999, Jim began High Power Rifle competitions shooting across the course. And in 2008 began Long Range competition shooting a Palma rifle. Jim began FTR competition in 2011.  Jim served as the Captain of the Michigan Rifle team, FTR, for the years 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Jim has placed in several regional events and was the top FTR competitor in the 2013 Midwest Palma Championships.

Steve Hardin



After 30 years on the competitive shooting circuit I now possess eight NRA classification cards in center fire and rim fire rifle, over that time I have taken a lot from the shooting sports and have decided it’s time to give back. I am currently the President of a gun club with 1700 members and believe that the greatest impact I can make these days is as a coach and mentor for less experienced shooters. Apparently I also have an ability for reading wind and encouraging the best from shooters in team matches. To my credit, I have coached on many winning International teams since 2008. I am honored to have been asked to work with the US FTR team and look forward to some outstanding performances in Canada at the 2017 Farquharson World Championship.

Tracy Hogg



Tracy began competitively shooting in 2008 in Service Rifle. In 2010 he switched to F-Class after hearing there was a discipline that went beyond 600 yards. After the first F-Class match he never looked back. Tracy’s accomplishments include winning the Carlos Hathcock Long Range Challenge in 2012 and 2013. He is a two time State Champion winning the North Carolina Fullbore Championship in 2012 and the North Carolina State Long Range match in 2013. He has competed in the Sinclair Fullbore Nationals and has been a podium finisher in 2013, 2014 & 2015. Tracy is also a shooting member of a team that has won gold and silver in several National & State Competitions. His proudest shooting accomplishment is making the U.S. Rifle Team. Tracy lives in Zebulon, North Carolina with his supportive wife of 19 years, Jennifer and two boys he is very proud of, Zachary and Cooper. He is the President of Advanced Comfort Concepts, Inc., a heating and air conditioning company he started in 2002, serving the triangle area.

Sierra Huggins



Sierra Scott is a native Texan, as a child she enjoyed hunting and target practice with her father. However, as an adolescent, softball and other sports took precedence.  She attended the University of North Texas on an athletic scholarship where she earned a varsity letter for her first three years and then chose to focus on her academics her fourth. For the first time she found herself without a hobby and thus began shooting competitively with her father in July of 2009, she quickly fell in love with the sport.  Her competitive nature allowed her to achieve success and recognition early on.  By the following fall she had set three new national records and was invited to be a part of the 2011 USA Team traveling to Ireland for the Creedmoor Cup. She is currently working as a Lead Teacher at a preschool in her home town of Flower Mound, Texas. She anticipates going back to school in the near future to earn her master’s degree in Education. Sierra spends her free time coaching her nephews little league baseball team and her dog, Zee.

Ian Klemm



Ian’s dad taught him the fundamentals of marksmanship during the long Midwest winter months while shooting small-bore in the basement range of his grade-school.  This lead to a lasting interest in all things related to precision marksmanship.  Ian later earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Wisconsin and fostered a career specializing in weapon, munition, armor, and sighting system design.  Ian started shooting F-class in 2010 and, since then, has earned a seventh-place finish or better, individually, in four of the last five F-class US National Championships.  He has broken a few US National Records along the way and has helped win gold medals while team shooting in the 2015 US Nationals, the 2016 East Coast US Nationals, and the 2016 Canadian F-Class Nationals.  He also placed 17th overall individually in the 2013 F-Class World Championships.  When not competing, Ian enjoys metal and woodworking, and building his own rifles.  Ian currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin with his lovely and supportive wife, Beka, and works as a Senior Engineer for Vortex Optics.

Dan Lentz



Dan' dad is the one that started it all by sitting him in his lap with a Remington model 514 single shot .22 rifle with multiple tin cans as targets, learning the value of taking a good shot! Early on in youth, he started honing his rifle skills by shooting apples out of his uncle's trees.                 

Post 9/11 Dan enlisted in the US Army and was assigned to 101st Screaming Eagles. In four years active of active service, he saw two tours in Iraq, 2003-04 and again in 2005-06.  Army awards include the combat infantry badge, expert infantry badge, and the coveted Air Assault Wings to name a few. After leaving the service in 2007 with a skillset of rifle marksmanship, a friend invited Dan to a NRA service rifle competition. From there he learned of the Farquharson Target Rifle class and knew that is where he belonged. His competition accomplishments include 2010 WI State long-range title, 2013 WI State midrange title, and a long-range Regional win. In 2015 at the South West Berger Nationals, he placed 5th and followed up with another 5th place finish at the Sinclair's East Coast Nationals. Dan is now the newest member of the North State X-Men National Rifle Team.

Bill Litz



Bill started shooting with his brothers, sisters and dad. His dad shot for the U.S. Army both pistol and rifles in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Bill is retired from the U.S Army with more than 23 years of honorable service.  He has a very understanding and supportive wife, Pat who travelswith him to some local matches. He has two children Bryan and Jennifer, two step children Carrie and Tim and 11 grandchildren.

Bill is also an active member of the Michigan F-T/R team, as a shooter and team captain on occasions.  Bill was a shooting member of the Michigan F-T/R team winning the Berger, Night force Southwest Nationals team match in 2013. In 2014 Bill was acting captain winning the Berger Night Force Southwest Nationals.  Bill was also a shooter on the Michigan F-T/R team, winning the Sinclair East Coast Nationals in 2015. Bill placed 3rd in the F-T/R nationals at Ben Avery Az. in 2015.

Bill, with his wife Pat currently resides in Grant Michigan. He and Pat enjoy fishing, kayaking, biking. Bill also enjoys turkey hunting in the spring, archery hunting and waterfowl hunting. 

Bryan Litz


Bryan Litz has spent the majority of his shooting career in the Palma discipline where he’s won numerous regional, national and international level matches in addition to holding many national records.  Most notable was winning the Queens Prize in Australia, 2010.  As a firing member on 3 winning America’s Match US Palma Teams, Bryan is a seasoned team member and knows how a team needs to work in order to win at the highest levels.

In 2002, Bryan earned his degree in aerospace engineering from Penn State University and spent the next 6 years working on air-to-air missile design with the US Air Force.  After that, he was lucky enough to land a job with Berger Bullets as Chief Ballistician.  Bryan later went on to found Applied Ballistics where he works as a ballistician; testing and reporting on all things related to long range shooting and external ballistics.

Bryan lives in rural Michigan with his wife and 4 kids.  After having a very busy start to his career, Bryan is now trying to spend more time with his family.  Spring 2015 the Litz family began working together on a small fruit orchard and garden.  They’re looking forward to learning more about nature and gardening and growing closer in future years.

Monte Milanuk



Born & raised in western Nebraska, Monte left for the U.S. Navy straight out of high school.  He specialized in nuclear propulsion & electrical power generation, and served on two different fast-attack submarines based out of Groton, CT.  After six years in the Navy, Monte entered the private sector, working in industrial/utility electrical controls and power transmission for several years before settling in the Pacific Northwest as a power plant operator at a hydro-electric dam in Washington state.  It took a few years for him to get into F-class, mainly because there were no local matches - so he spent a couple years shooting sling and iron sights, both XTC and Palma, until F-Class gained some traction.

Monte attended his first national level match in 2007, taking 3rd in the Spirit of America match and 2nd at the FCNC.  Since then, he has travelled to Canada, England, Ireland and Scotland shooting F/TR at the 2009 and 2013 World Championships, the 2011 Irish FCNC and the Creedmoor Match.  Back in Washington Monte uses his experience to help promote F-class at local and regional matches.  He does (occasionally) shoot other venues - the odd tactical/field match, score benchrest match, and sometimes even dusting off the Palma rifle.

When he's not busy with gun-related stuff, Monte enjoys making sawdust in his basement shop, tinkering with computers, and travelling with his wife Kathleen in their RV.

Stan Pate