Bryan Litz


Bryan Litz has spent the majority of his shooting career in the Palma discipline where he’s won numerous regional, national and international level matches in addition to holding many national records.  Most notable was winning the Queens Prize in Australia, 2010.  As a firing member on 3 winning America’s Match US Palma Teams, Bryan is a seasoned team member and knows how a team needs to work in order to win at the highest levels.

In 2002, Bryan earned his degree in aerospace engineering from Penn State University and spent the next 6 years working on air-to-air missile design with the US Air Force.  After that, he was lucky enough to land a job with Berger Bullets as Chief Ballistician.  Bryan later went on to found Applied Ballistics where he works as a ballistician; testing and reporting on all things related to long range shooting and external ballistics.

Bryan lives in rural Michigan with his wife and 4 kids.  After having a very busy start to his career, Bryan is now trying to spend more time with his family.  Spring 2015 the Litz family began working together on a small fruit orchard and garden.  They’re looking forward to learning more about nature and gardening and growing closer in future years.