Team member Robby Burton Finished 7th overall in his first outing in IBS 1000 Yard Benchrest using his FTR Rifle.

All shooting sports tend to optimize the equipment to take full advantage of the particular rules of the game, which makes Robby’s accomplishment all the more noteworthy. An FTR Rifle is limited to a .308 Win by our rules, but in 1000 Yard Benchrest, a .308 is not considered an optimal caliber.

Robby tells his story:

*"Jay Cutright built two new guns for me, and in lieu of shipping them he invited me to shoot the 1000 yard benchrest nationals since they were being held only a couple hours drive from my hometown. I figured what the heck, and met him at Hawkes Ridge Gun Club in Wilkesboro, NC. I had never shot benchrest before, so I borrowed a front rest and front plate (that attached to my front rail) from Dave Conrath and shot my F-TR rig in the light gun competition. That competition shoots 5 shot strings and is restricted to 17 pounds, so my McMillan Prone stock, BAT action, 30" Kreiger barrel, and Nightforce competition scope made weight just barely. Shooting fast, and blind like that is a ton of fun (they use clay pigeons as sighters so you get no feedback on paper before your string.) I had a hard time translating that to high scores, but my 5.119" group agg placed me 7th out of 100 or so shooters. I also managed to win the group competition in one relay when the wind got squirly, with a 4.125" group. It was a high finish, especially for an F-TR rig and a cobbled together setup competing against the best rifles in the world. It goes to show that Berger bullets out of a .308 can hang tough with Dashers and the like.*

*One funny side note: I had a few guys sighting for me on my first relay. They probably were expecting to have to guide me in, but i nailed a clay pigeon at 1000 yards with my first shot. I turned around to see several raised eyebrows."*

Well done Robby!