US Rifle Team Raffle

Congratulations to Darin Key of Wisconsin, he is the big winner tonight.  The entire prize pot was worth nearly $10,000.

Dan Lentz congratulating the winner, Darin Key.

Team member Dan Lentz, who works for Krieger Barrels, sold the winning ticket.

This raffle was a huge fundraising success for the team. We sold over 5400 tickets. None of that would have been possible with out the hard work of our team members and the sponsors who contributed to the raffle. 

Our biggest ticket seller was team member Robby Burton of Virginia, with 512 tickets sold!

Special thanks goes out to Ian Kelbly at Kelbly Rifles, Sean Murphy at Nightforce Optics, Greg Latka at Gemtech, Bryan Litz at Applied Ballistics Munitions and Adam Braverman at Nammo-Lapua USA!