Hats Off to John Webster

I would like to recognize Mr. John Webster for a something that I think brings into focus his exemplary service to the international shooting sports.

Mr. Webster, pictured above, traveled to Camp Perry to serve as scorer during the Palma Team World Championships. He, of course, was not alone in performing scoring duties and all who helped out are worthy of recognition.

What singles Mr. Webster out is that he is the Chairman of the NRA of the United Kingdom, he was the past Captain of the British Palma Team and had been a firing member on several Palma Teams prior to that.

I think it is telling of his character that even though he could have attended the matches as a VIP, he took it upon himself to volunteer for an often thankless job.

We can all think of a few people who further the shooting sports by taking on the less glamorous roles required to host and operate events. Karin Liebetrau and Beverly Bartholome come immediately to mind. Take the time to thank them and following John Webster's example, consider helping to carry the load.