New McMillan FTR Stock

My new rifle is assembled and running. Shot a couple groups at 500 yards tonight after getting it bore sighted. Both are under .32 moa. #RayIsPleased

This rifle is built on the new McMillan FTR stock, designed by Kelly McMillan . The stock is comfortable and very adjustable. The 4-way buttplate is rotatable and adjusts in-out, up-down & side to side. The cheekpiece is ajustable for height and from side to side. The stock with buttplate, cheekpiece, trigger guard and bedded with three pillars, weighs in at 5 lbs 1oz. As pictured, the complete rifle weighs in at 8.174Kg.

The stock seems to be forgiving with regard to shooting style as well. The taller group was shot using a very light hold, I was in contact with the stock, but not gripping it. The second group was somewhat firmer hold. I wouldn't call it tight, but with hand gripping the rifle and pulling into my shoulder.

I am also very happy with my Kelbly Stolle Panda actions. The barrel that I used to shoot the groups tonight came off my older Panda. The headspace was within .002", but more impressively, the zero was within two minutes of the older Panda. Well done Ian Kelbly!

My scope is a Nightforce Optics Competition scope that i have been using for two years now. The rear rest is an Edgewood Bag, The front is a Duplin Bipod resting on RayMat bipod mat that I sell.

Alex Sitman of Master Class Stocks Inc did the bedding and final finishing on the stock.

My ground mat is a CrossTac Mat and of course, I am shooting Berger Bullets in Lapua cases with Varget.

Paul Phillips' Rifle

Paul Phillips' rifle, also has a new rifle built on the new McMillan stock that is also shooting great, right out of the box! His rifle is set up exactly the same as mine, the only real difference being that his has a brand new barrel on it.

"Shot my new rifle with the new Mcmillan FTR stock and all I can say is WOW!! The first 3 groups at 500 yards were all sub 2 inches and the smallest group attached. What was immediately noticeable was its ability to track straight after recoil."
                                -Paul Phillips-

Paul's stock is the very first McMillan FTR Stock made.

You may notice that both stocks have the same color pattern.  That is the exclusive Team Sinclair pattern. Kelly McMillan can make you a stock in a host of different colors and patterns to suit anyone's tastes.