Two-Time World Champion US Rifle Team (FTR) Names Shooters for the World Championships in 2017

US Rifle Team and Trial Candidates prior to the trials.

Grayling, Michigan – Two-time World Championship U.S. Rifle Team has chosen 21 new members to complete their 34 person roster.  The team includes national and world record holders in both team and individual events.

This team will represent their country at the 2017 Farquharson World Championships held near Ottawa, Canada.

The World Championship will be held at the Connaught Range near Ottawa where the team will be focused on securing their third consecutive gold medal to prove that America truly produces the best long-range shooters in the world.

The candidates earned a place on the team primarily by their scores shot at 1000 yards. The trials were held over two weekends, one in Phoenix, AZ and another in Grayling, MI.

Ray Gross and Derek Rodgers evaluating John Droelle.

Those selected will be in the running to make the rosters for both the Richardson Trophy which consists of an 8 shooter team; and Rutland Trophy which consists of a 4 shooter team.

The World Championship team event course of fire consists of two days of shooting at 700, 800, 900 meters. Each shooter has 15 shots for record at each distance each day. The team earning the most points at the end of the two days is the World Champion.

Team captain Ray Gross had this to say when asked why there were a greater number of shooters selected for the team than previous cycles. He responded as follows:


“One of my side goals is to broaden our skill base as widely as possible. As part of the team over the next couple years, everyone will learn team skills & procedure and gain international shooting experience. My hope is that the experience will make them stronger competitors here at home and more likely to make the shooting squads of future teams. ”


Laura Perry shooting at the Camp Grayling coaches practice.

When asked about the skill and character of the people selected to the team, he replied:


“After the tryouts were over I asked the team members to start sending in biographies for the website.  As I read through them I was struck by the accomplishments of our team members both on the range and in real life.  I guess I really should not be surprised, our try outs were not easy and they all worked their way through them without complaint. We have a team of accomplished champions, determined to make the US proud.”


The US will be competing with teams from Canada, Australia, Great Britain, South Africa and others in 2017.

The 2017 U.S. Rifle Team is listed below. Team link HERE.


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US Rifle Team trials. 

Scott Fulmer coaches Ian Klemm the second day of trials.

Paul Phillips (Team Sinclair), Bryan Litz (Michigan FTR).

Ray Gross coaches wind for Al Barnhart.




Ray Gross – Captain
Paul Phillips – Adjutant




Scott Fulmer


Steve Hardin


Bryan Litz



Al Barnhart
Doug Boyer
Robby Burton
Lane Buxton
David Conrath
John Droelle
Mitchell Fitzpatrick
Jim Grissom


Tracy Hogg 
Phil Kelley Jr
Ian Klemm
Dan Lentz
Bill Litz
Monte Milanuk
Laura Perry
John Pierce


Dan Pohlabel
Ronnie Ralston
Derek Rodgers
Jeff Rorer
Brad Sauve
Matthew Schwartzkopf
Sierra Scott

Reserve Squad 

Morgen Fulmer
Chris Ozlins
Stan Pate
Matthew Peake
Ed Shelley

Matthew Peake

US Rifle Team Media Director