Derek Rodgers Wins 2015 SW Nationals

Congratulations to Derek Rodgers on winning the 2015 SW Nationals. In this video, Derek displays the precision custom rifle he used to achieve victory at the SW Nationals in Arizona. His rifle is equipped with top-of-the-line products and accessories from our dedicated sponsors and supporters:

Kelbly                 Bartlein                                
McMillan             Nightforce               
Doan Trevor        Edgewood Shooting Bag
Duplin Bipod       Berger Bullets

Derek delivers a knock-out punch at the Berger/Nightforce SW Nationals. Derek shoots for Team Sinclair and is dominating the sport. Derek shoots a Kelly Action, MacMillan Stock, Nightforce Scope, Bartlett Barrel, Berger Bullets, Duplin Bipod, Edgewood Bag, Doan Trevor Gunsmith. Derek holds the current 1000 Yard National Record with a 200-12X with this same rifle.

Check out the Southwest Nationals results HERE.