Lane Buxton



Lane and his wife Donna reside in Orangevale, California, located 90 minutes east of San Francisco Bay and 90 minutes west of Lake Tahoe.  There are four major rivers within 50 miles of home, which provide a variety of seasonal fishing opportunities.  Depending upon the time of year, one will find Lane in the Sacramento Delta pursuing striped bass and sturgeon or on the Feather River or the Sacramento River targeting salmon and steelhead in his jetboat.

Just to the north of home are a number of natural marshes and over half-a-million acres of flooded rice fields.  This area comprises the southern end of the Pacific Flyway for millions of migratory ducks and geese.  During the winter months, one is likely to find Lane sitting in a duck blind scanning the skies for moving targets.

In the free time between days spent either hunting or fishing comes time for target shooting.  The mild California weather offers opportunities to compete almost 52 weeks a year.  It’s simply a matter of picking out a rifle, loading up some ammo, and heading out with friends.