Monte Milanuk



Born & raised in western Nebraska, Monte left for the U.S. Navy straight out of high school.  He specialized in nuclear propulsion & electrical power generation, and served on two different fast-attack submarines based out of Groton, CT.  After six years in the Navy, Monte entered the private sector, working in industrial/utility electrical controls and power transmission for several years before settling in the Pacific Northwest as a power plant operator at a hydro-electric dam in Washington state.  It took a few years for him to get into F-class, mainly because there were no local matches - so he spent a couple years shooting sling and iron sights, both XTC and Palma, until F-Class gained some traction.

Monte attended his first national level match in 2007, taking 3rd in the Spirit of America match and 2nd at the FCNC.  Since then, he has travelled to Canada, England, Ireland and Scotland shooting F/TR at the 2009 and 2013 World Championships, the 2011 Irish FCNC and the Creedmoor Match.  Back in Washington Monte uses his experience to help promote F-class at local and regional matches.  He does (occasionally) shoot other venues - the odd tactical/field match, score benchrest match, and sometimes even dusting off the Palma rifle.

When he's not busy with gun-related stuff, Monte enjoys making sawdust in his basement shop, tinkering with computers, and travelling with his wife Kathleen in their RV.